Efficient Ecological Solutions.  

Artisan Grounds Landscaping specializes in driveway paving, permeable pavement installation, crushed gravel, and other combination solutions. Permeable pavers are becoming a major staple throughout New England.  The majority of these applications appear nearly indistinguishable from nonporous materials, yet their environmental effects are vastly different. Pervious concrete installations, porous asphalt, permeable paving stones or permeable concrete pavers, all allow stormwater a more efficient path for drainage. The goal is to control stormwater at the source, reduce runoff and improve water quality by filtering pollutants into sub-ground layers. In areas becoming more and more restrictive to the amount of non porous improvements on properties, permeable paver installation is the perfect solution.   



Environmentally Friendly Pavements and Irrigation

When our customers are considering walkways, patios or driveways, we encourage making eco friendly choices when creating or adding natural stone features into landscape design. Permeable pavers and crushed gravel not only reduce water damage to homes and land, but also eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Combining permeable pavement installation with standard paving also last longer than conventional paved surfaces. Another bonus comes with the reduction of a property's water requirements for use in landscaping. Using these permeable pavements allows for the majority of runoff to return directly into the property's substrate, helping to keep the local ecosystems self sustaining.

Specialty Services

  • Permeable Pavements
  • Efficient Irrigation
  • Drainage Systems
  • Driveway Paving Solutions
  • Grading